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Drive Longer. Live Stronger.

  • Longer Drives

  • More Consistency

  • Pain-Free Golf

Drive Further, Swing with Precision, Play Without Pain

Step up to the tee with confidence as Lenny Mello's TIP-certified training

unlocks the secret to longer rives, unwavering consistency, and a pain-free game.

"Lenny Mello has been a terrific partner in fostering the long-term health of our golf membership. He is highly respected by our professional staff and membership. I would recommend Lenny to any serious golfer interested in developing the physical side of his/her game.” 

~Eric Gilliland - PGA, Lou, KY

"I have been training with Lenny for about 5 years now (since I was 58yo.) During this time, I have improved my flexibility, mobility, and strength with a net result of adding 30 to 40 yards to my distance to my drives." 

~Brad G, Lou, KY

"As a 20+ year member of the PGA of America I have met a lot of people that have taught me a great deal, but Lenny Mello may be the one person that has educated me the most. His knowledge of the golf swing, and how the body works in the swing is amazing. His ability to relate limitations or weaknesses in a player’s body to their swing issues and inability to improve are always accurate. I would recommend anyone who wants to play pain free, improve performance or just extend their golfing career to invest their time with Lenny Mello." 

~Gary Bebelaar - PGA, Lou, KY

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Unlock Your Peak Performance on the Green

Are swing faults holding you back?

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with our top-notch Diagnostics & Training. 

Dive deep into the mechanics of your swing and the health of your body with PILLARSPORT’s comprehensive assessment tools. 

From TPI Mobility and Stability & Power Screens to cutting-edge 3D Motion Capture, we’ve got the tech and expertise to identify what’s keeping you from those powerful, pain-free rounds.

Get Assessed by the Best

Lenny Mello, a Golf Digest Top 50 Trainer, brings Tour-proven methods to your game. 

Experience the "Body-Swing Connection" and harness the power of a program trusted by pros. With PILLARSPORT, you're not just improving, you're evolving.

  • TPI Mobility - Stability & Power Screens

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • 2D Video Swing Analysis

  • 3D Motion Capture

Remember, "If you don't assess, it's just a guess!"

Step into a world of data-driven improvement and rediscover your love for golf with less pain, more power, and precision that keeps you ahead of the game.

Drive Longer. Live Stronger.

Join the ranks of golfers who've transformed their game with Kentucky’s premier TPI experience.

Transform Your Golf Game in Four Targeted Steps:

Drive Longer

Step 1: Physical Screen Begin with the TPI Golf Fitness Screen, a 16-point test that will highlight the unique aspects of your golf-specific movement patterns. Discover how your mobility, stability, and motor control could be affecting your swing.

Step 2: 3D Motion Capture Embrace technology with a 3D motion analysis that records 17 different aspects of your swing. This in-depth look compares your movements to our fitness screen findings, providing unparalleled insights into your game.

The Body-Swing Connection It's time to link your body's capabilities directly to your golf performance. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with our evidence-based approach. Remember, "If you don't assess, it's just a guess!"

Live Stronger

Step 3: Program Design With your unique swing biomechanics in mind, we craft a custom training program. It's designed to align with your goals, adapt to your lifestyle, and transform your performance on the course.

Step 4: Train to Play! Implement your personalized exercises and enjoy one-on-one coaching that fits seamlessly into your life. Our exercises, which can be done at home or on the go, focus on improving your game without the need for heavy weights or machines. It's effective, efficient, and, most importantly, fun!

Take control of your game today. Begin with your comprehensive assessment and unlock the precision, power, and pain-free play you've been aiming for. With every step tailored to your unique swing, PILLARSPORT is your ally on the journey to a stronger game and a stronger you.

Don't let potential just be a word in your golf dictionary. Make it your reality.

Let’s Elevate Your Golf Game, 

Lenny Mello


"If you don't assess, it's just a guess"

The "Body-Swing Connection"

TPI Mobility, Stability, & Power Screens, and 2D Swing Video Analysis, and Findings Reports ..............$175


PHSP Golf Fitness Screen plus 3D Motion Capture. Includes Screen Findings Reports .......................$295

An honest and objective training recommendation will be made based on your Screen findings, your stated goals, and Lenny's 15+ years' experience.

Personal Performance Programs


5-week (5 sessions) elemental corrective exercise program effective

for increased range of motion, improved motor function, rapid and long-lasting pain relief.


5-week (10 sessions) golf specific functional training with ongoing evaluation and updates.


10-week (20 sessions) functional training and power development program.

*Each Performance Series includes membership to the PillarSport Mobile video app for the duration of training.




The convenient, cost-effective way to add expertly designed golf-specific training to your busy in-season playing schedule- on your own time, in your own space, and in the palm of your hand!

PILLARSPORT Mobile Programming:

STEP 1: “Body - Swing Connection” *
PHSP Golf Fitness Screen .......................................$175


PHSP Performance Diagnostic ...............….............$295

STEP 2: Monthly Programming & Follow-up

1-hr. Private Training Session-One (1) monthly 60-min. 1-on-1 private Training & Re-evaluation session.


1-hr. Remote Consult Session- One (1) monthly 60-min. FaceTime or Skype Training & Re-evaluation session.


4-week Customized Program Design- Customized 4-week mobile workout, designed to accommodate your practice, play and lifestyle.

3-mo., 6-mo., and Annual

rate plans available from $150/mo.

* The one-time “Body - Swing Connection” is the cornerstone of the program required to identify any physical restrictions and deficiencies, as well as your personal swing characteristics and power sources. It not only sets baseline measurements at the outset of your mobile training program, but it is imperative for effective and safe program design.

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Ready to write your own success story? Start with an assessment and see the transformation for yourself.

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11155 Bluegrass Pkwy.

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(502) 465-3348

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11155 Bluegrass Pkwy

Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 465-3348

(502) GOLF-FIT